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Our recruitment and staff placement division’s driving mission is to match the right people to our clients. Working in partnership, we give our clients the benefit of our proven track record and a choice of the highest caliber people on the market.


Whether the criterion is career discipline, level of seniority, vertical market or geography, our experienced in house recruiters work closely with both candidates and clients to ensure that both are given the opportunities to succeed.


IT Services

Consulting and IT Services from us begins by working in partnership to define, optimize and align our client's business strategy with current best-of-breed Information Technology practices. We believe that business and technology work in tandem if effort is to lead to success.


We strive to attain a thorough understanding of our client’s business as well as the competitive environment which they operate in. This enables us to deliver the right technology for the right problems, which we believe, leads to a decisive competitive advantage.




As businesses generate more and more information, they require advanced tools to store, process, manage and analyze this valuable data. RIDGE teams offers a complete analytics solutions to enable your enterprise data to work for your benefit and profit.


Our talented and experienced Big Data consultants will define and create a strategy tailored to your company's needs and industry specifics, helping you to leverage all of your data assets.



Data Cloud

RIDGE IT Solutions is a major cloud specialist organization and has spent significant time with the best cloud services and cloud solutions for small and large businesses.

Providing cloud office and business applications, agile and resilient virtually hosted IT infrastructure are made possible by die-hard commitment and support.


We offer FREE discussions and consultation on which cloud application would be best for your organization and we will guide and manage your whole venture with a reasonable cloud relocation strategy and system to build business efficiency and development.




Businesses often adopt individual software systems to meet specific needs as they grow their operations. When these systems function independently, it can lead to mismatched data, tedious duplicate data entry, and overall frustration.


We provide integration solutions (middleware) to automate the process of pushing and pulling information from one system to another, keeping all of your data synchronized and up-to-date.




Our software outsourcing services start from innovation consulting and business analysis to QA, application maintenance, and other related solutions.


Our coordinated service lines have been formed by providing quality to our clients, and are built on in-depth understanding of business requirements and market trends.

We are geared to provide top notch benefits that result in improvement of business efficiency. We rely on software developers, time-proven processes, tools and techniques to provide quality services.

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